Why Ipe Wood Is So Economical For Flooring

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Ipe wood is known to be the cheapest type of hardwood in the world. This makes it the perfect wood for flooring because of its cost effectiveness.

Flooring needs to be resistant to moisture, and Ipe is actually made of a type of bamboo that doesn’t absorb water very well. It does, however, catch humidity on a microscopic level. If your floors are especially moist then using Brazilian Ipe wood may not be the best idea.

Ipe comes from Brazil, which is one of the most arid areas in the world. During the dry season, the rainforest in Brazil comes into contact with the warm and dry air of the interior, which causes it to dry out.

Climate is the major reason why Ipe is so cheap to obtain. Although Brazil isn’t exactly desert-like, the air doesn’t have as much moisture to it.

As far as toughness goes, it’s not even close to being the toughest hardwood available. Ipe wood interior flooring But you’d probably be surprised at how cheap Brazilian Ipe wood can be.

You may think that this type of wood is some kind of exotic wood. But it really isn’t, and they are actually being harvested from the forests that they use to grow.

Brazilians are harvesting Brazilian Ipe trees from their forests and selling them to be exported to America. They’re coming into the US at an incredible rate because of our farming and lumber industry.

Flooring made from Ipe is excellent because of its “Ipe” name. You will also find it referred to as Osage wood.

A lot of people, though, aren’t familiar with the fact that flooring made from this type of wood isn’t like most flooring on the market. Ipe wood isn’t what you would normally expect to find in a laminate or hardwood plank.

For example, it won’t be pressed flat, and it wouldn’t have to be in between the cuts like many hardwoods would need to be. It is cut thick, rather than wide, which is why it’s considered “Ipe”.

The only reason why it’s referred to as Osage wood, though, is because it was found in a tropical forest. Without a question, though, the term I’m still applies when referring to the wood, and a new homeowner should be aware of this.

Brazilian Ipe wood might not be the best wood to use for flooring. It’s definitely not the cheapest, either.

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