What Does Poker Face Mean?


Poker Face means a lot of different things to different people. For some, it is a means of a person; it is the game itself for others. It is a term that has its origin in the world of poker itself. So what does poker face mean? To put it merely, a poker face is a look that a poker player gives to himself or herself when playing a hand. It is their way of saying, I am not bluffing!

Many people who don’t know much about poker or don’t want to pretend to be someone are not having problems with poker faces. They call it a bluffing look. They say that’s just the kind of person you are and that poker is cruel and unfair.

You see, poker face is such a controversial issue because many players use it as an effective strategy against other players. And this opponent will typically back down because they think you are bluffing. Often, it is a player’s psychology that is behind such plays. They say it is like an onion, starting with the act of bluffing and working their way out.

There are many poker websites online that offer instructional videos to teach you how to bluff your way to a win. These videos teach you to read body language, and general non-verbal communication, which is very useful. A poker face does not mean you have to be any specific type of person or act in any particular manner. It is merely a facade, a mask you put on to play the game.

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It is almost like a “smooth-talking” guy, only less smooth. It is a method of putting forth an impression and coming off as natural, confident, and even credible. judi online When you know what does poker face means and how to do it, its effect is potent. You can quickly gain a psychological edge over your opponents and beat them into the ground. Just knowing what does poker face mean can be a huge psychological advantage for you and your play. Often, in between games, your opponents may make all kinds of funny excuses, and you have to be able to read them well to tell what they are.

There are two main factors you want to remember when playing poker; you want to know what poker face means and how to use it. When you know what poker face means and understand how to use it, its effect is immediate. Without this understanding, your winning percentages will always below, and you will never be a consistently winning player.