Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants in the U.S.


Are you looking for an excellent Nigerian restaurant in NYC? The Nigerian restaurant opened 12 years ago in Clinton Hill, NY. African Restaurant In Dubai The restaurant founded by Nat Goldberg and Lookman Mashood serves unreconstructed national dishes, such as rubbery land snails, fish pepper soup, and fiery goat soup. You’ll also find dishes such as boiled yam with egg, dodo and beans, and palm wine. The bistro-style build-out and palm wine are also worth a visit.

The English Nigerian restaurant is located near the Freud Museum in central London. The restaurant serves African cuisine, with options for dine-in and takeaway. The service is good, and the prices are reasonable. It has an excellent rating from Google users, who gave it 4.3 out of 5 stars. If you are hungry, you can place your order online before visiting. English is an excellent place for people with dietary restrictions, and the food here is also suitable for vegetarians.

While the food is traditional Nigerian, the restaurant’s menu is modern and fresh. Dishes include goat’s head soup, yam pepper soup, jollof rice, and ewedu. The ewedu soup is a traditional dish from the Yoruba region of Nigeria. Guests are encouraged to order dishes inspired by classic international flavors. English also hosts various evening themes, so diners can get a taste of different cultures while dining.
Blackstar Kebab

If you’re looking for an authentic African food experience in Seattle, you’ve probably heard of Blackstar Kebab. This food cart serves authentic recipes from Ghana, using fresh local ingredients. The food, made with organic items, includes lamb kebabs and beef kebabs with Jollof rice and delicious plantains. Blackstar Kebab operates throughout the Seattle area and even offers catering for parties.

Located on the west side of Seattle’s Pioneer Square, Blackstar Kebab is a Nigerian food truck specializing in street food. Their menu features a variety of kebabs with meat from different parts of the African continent. They are also often parked outside of local breweries. You can also find them in Magnuson’s Arena Sports parking lot, an indoor soccer venue.
Fannie’s West African Cuisine

If you’re looking for authentic African food, you might want to try Fannie’s West African Cuisine in Kansas City, Missouri. The restaurant serves dishes from Nigeria and Ghana, and its Instagram account has almost nine hundred and fifty followers. The food is made from scratch and served with a West African flair. Fannie’s also offers takeout. The atmosphere at this restaurant is spectacular, and the decor is lovely.

The menu includes a variety of traditional and elevated Nigerian dishes. Some menu items include jollof rice, a heavy, spiced, and rich rice dish. Jollof is a popular staple of West African cuisine, and Fannie’s version is made using palm oil and tomatoes. The jollof rice is then added and cooked in the base. Then, the dish is served with a side of fried chicken or grilled fish.
Hills Kitchen

In Bushwick, Brooklyn, Hills Kitchen serves African cuisine. This restaurant is owned by Promise Eduro, who recently relocated from Nigeria. Although she can do a lot of everything at Hills Kitchen, she doesn’t have the time to be everywhere at once. However, her food is delicious, and she does a great job. Read on to learn more about this Nigerian restaurant. Let’s begin with a review of her dishes.
Voila Afrique

This counter-service restaurant opened on East 45th Street in Washington, D.C., uphill from the United Nations’ headquarters. A rusticated stone fa├žade and a small cash register area welcome guests. Behind the counter, the cooks and servers whip up spicy and mild dishes. A vegetarian option is also available. Try the oxtail stew if you don’t feel like trying the meat dishes.

Voila Afrique specializes in West African dishes. Their menu features fried fish, soup, pepper sauce, peanut-dusted beef kebabs, egusi, and suya. Regardless of your dietary preferences, Voila Afrique will please your taste buds. The restaurant also features several live performances that highlight different African cultures and traditions.