Bruce Banner Strain Pictures – How To Make Your Own Hulk

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Bruce Banner, the scientist that was trapped in the nuclear explosion is now free and has become strong enough to fight his way back to normal. His new self called the Hulk, can change forms into a fighting machine. These Bruce banner strain pictures will show you how to create your own Hulk.

Before we begin I want to show you how to create Bruce Banner strain pictures with the use of your imagination. Blue Dream Strain Take a ball of dough and make sure it’s rolled out a bit. You can use a pizza cutter to help you roll out the dough. The bigger the dough the bigger the Hulk will be.

When you have the dough rolled out take the picture that you are going to use and trace it. Be sure to only get the outline of the picture’s shape so that you don’t have any bumps on the dough or you’ll get a bumpy Bruce banner strain pictures. Trace the image onto the dough and then cut it out.

Now that you have the Bruce banner strain pictures cut out a small hole for the rod to go through. Put the rod through the hole, one end is facing up and the other end should be facing down. Secure the rod to the ceiling with a few pieces of electrical tape. Wrap some baby oil around the ends of the rod and then attach it to the ceiling. Once the rod is attached to wrap some more baby oil around the tape and set it aside.

The next step is to make your Bruce banner strain pictures and form it into a circle. Take your 10 inch circle and make a nice ring out of it. Using the duct tape to make a neat seal around the edges so that the seams stay together.

Now that your Bruce banner strain pictures are together wrap some raffia around them. Place the raffia in the center of the ring. Put the raffia on the top of the ring and try to seal it by pressing down the beads. With each bead place some raffia between the beads to give a different feel to the Bruce banner strain pictures. I always have fun putting the beads in the raffia and find it exciting to decorate my artwork with little beads.

Take the last step and paint your Bruce banner strain pictures. Make sure that you use the oil pastel colors for this step. You can always use acrylics if you are going to do this for real.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Bruce banner strain pictures tutorial. Follow these steps to make your own Bruce banner strain pictures.